Leadership Coaching

True leadership is not a theoretical, manualised process, it is in essence a way of ’being’.

Building a strong group of leaders in key roles, who are capable of meeting both current and future demands of the business, is imperative for business success. Some leaders find themselves in leadership roles by accident, often victims of their own success, others may experience ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and believe they don’t have the required skills for the role, creating high levels of anxiety. Others find themselves in leadership roles they may not want, moving them from a job they currently enjoy.


Dr Jo’s work with clients is to help them develop the most effective leaders in their organisations. This is delivered through a combination of one-to-one coaching, bespoke and targeted workshops and training. Through this leadership coaching, the learning, knowledge and empowerment gained by individuals permeates through the organisation and becomes an integral part of the culture, helping propel the business forward.

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