I help support organisations and individuals to drive neurodiversity inclusion so they can optimise the unique strengths of all employees.

Around 1 in 7 people in the population are neurodivergent but this number may be much higher.  This means that businesses, regardless of sector or size are likely to have a neurodiverse working population.  It’s important to create inclusive workplaces and cultures that help everyone to feel safe, thrive and to attract a diverse range of talent.  This requires education, awareness and understanding about neurodivergence.

Neurodivergent individuals have a wide range of unique strengths that when understood, recognised, and supported, can be leveraged to optimise their wellbeing, performance, and workplace culture. Research shows that diverse teams, comprised of a range of different perspectives, experience and styles are highly effective teams.

Here are some of the ways that Dr Jo works with organisations to help them to reduce barriers and support their neurodivergent colleagues to thrive:


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