Optimise in Times of Uncertainty

22 December 2022

Research tells us that when we find ourselves in times of uncertainty, such as the current volatile economic, environmental and political climate, it can have a significant negative impact on our performance and well-being.  Research consistently reveals that there are common themes that leaders, their teams and individuals face in times of uncertainty.

These themes include:

Understandably these can all have a profound effect on individual, team and hence business, performance. Individuals who cope less well with uncertainty can be less inclined to utilise their strengths for career success. At times like this you will benefit from drawing on all of your available resources to navigate yourself and your team through the challenging period. Therefore, learning to deal better with uncertainty can have a large impact on both individual and team performance.

Swift and appropriate actions that target the issues are crucial. Coaching sessions provide a perfect opportunity to help you assess your current and future, real and psychological vulnerabilities. It will also help you create a framework for managing risks moving forward.

Team cohesiveness can also be damaged by uncertainty, as individuals feel as though they are in competition. Therefore, it can also be valuable to expand the coaching process to the team. Team coaching provides the opportunity for your coach to observe team dynamics in action and provide invaluable, constructive feedback to the relevant parties with a view to improving team cohesiveness, team productivity and performance. Now is the time to utilise all your resources to maximum effect.