Privacy Policy

Effective 25 May 2018

How We Use Your Information

In order to provide you with our services such, we need information from you which may include your identity, your address, your email, and your telephone. In addition to any requirements of the GDPR, this information may be further protected by the British Psychological Society code of ethics and the regulating body Health and Caring Professions Council.

We may use your information in our accounting system to bill for services, take payments, file tax returns, and track your financial obligations to us. Once our financial relationship is concluded we will continue to hold that information until no longer required by HMRC or any other party with a legitimate interest. We do not hold credit card details.

If you have asked us to include you on a mailing list, we will use your email and name (optionally) to provide this to you. This information is not sold, transferred or used for purposes other than emails from us to advise you of our services.

Lawful Basis for Processing

Our basis for processing your information is legitimate interests. This is information that both you and we might reasonably expect to be provided and maintained in order to provide the service or information you want. In the case of our email list you will have volunteered that information for the purposes stated on our sign up form and you always have the right to end the processing. You may have also provided this information when meeting in person at a conference or business meeting.

It is information that we both would reasonably expect to be shared between us with a clear understanding of how it will be used and protected.

Recipients of Data

Data received from you will be used only within our partnership for the purposes you and we reasonably expect for the services being provided. Except as required by law, courts, or police, we do not release data to recipients outside of our business.

Your Rights

A complete summary of your rights is available at the Information Commissioner’s Office website. You may request copies of data we hold on you and we must provide this information free-of-charge within 30 days. However, if your request is unreasonable or you have made repeated requests for the same information, we may refuse to comply unless and until a fee is paid or an agreement reached on the data to be provided. You always have the right to file a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office if you feel we have violated your rights under the GDPR. We will do our best to provide your information in a format that you can understand and use.

Automated Decision Making

We do not engage in any automated decision making with your data.