Various press articles where I have been asked to comment and provide opinion.

8th May 2024

The ADHD Chatter Podcast with Alex partridge

3 Scientific reasons why ADHD ruins your sleep


1st April 2024

Samuel Leach Wise Wealth Podcast

Psychological Optimisation for Peak Performance and Personal Success


7th March 2024

Conde Nast Traveller

Why do we always cry on planes?


7th February 2024

The Allbright

24% of business owners credit manifestation for their success


28th January 2024

The Sun

The 9 ways to boost self-confidence at work – and get the pay rise you want


21st January 2024

The Times

Meet the CEO’s who can’t quit


13th January 2024

The Telegraph

How six months of setting goals changed my life completely


29th November 2023

Screenshot Media

Is your boss tripping on acid? New research suggests so


24th November 2023

The Independent

Sad, stressed and spending: How Black Friday became hell for emotional shoppers


19th November 2023

Fabulous Magazine/The Sun

The signs you’re heading for burnout at work – and 6 ways to avoid it


November 2023

Open Access Government

Understanding the unmet needs of individuals with ADHD


October 2023

Woman and Home

Can menopause affect your confidence? Experts reveal the key signs to look out for







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