One-to-one Coaching

12 July 2016

Within each of us there is a pool of potential and in order to be the best we can be we need to realise that potential. However, it’s not always as simple and straightforward as it sounds. I am sure that there have been times when you have found yourself doing the exact opposite of what you ‘know’ you need to do, or found yourself avoiding the tasks that are on your ‘to do’ list. It is likely that on the majority of these occasions you were being unconsciously influenced by your negative belief system.

We all hold some unhelpful, negative beliefs which can stand in the way of us achieving our goals. These negative beliefs give rise to negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours which can take us further away from where we want to be or can make the process longer than it needs to be. To be as mentally fit as you can be, requires a level of insight into and an understanding of your unique psyche. The coaching psychology approach helps you to achieve that. Once you have gained this insight and understanding I work closely with you to modify the negative beliefs and related thoughts, feelings and behaviours. My(??) goal is to help you focus on positive beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviours instead. This in turn will significantly enhance your well-being, confidence, motivation and performance.

During sessions we work together on the agreed areas and we create a detailed activity plan in line with them. We then build on these goals and tasks each subsequent session so that we have a clear progression path tailored to your unique needs.

My clients bring a variety of target issues that they want to focus on and so the frequency and number of sessions will vary accordingly.