Team Coaching

12 July 2016

A successful team is one that is comprised of highly effective individuals who have the ability to work productively together. This requires high levels of personal and interpersonal awareness, motivation and the ability to communicate clearly with each other.

My work with teams will depend on a client’s objectives and so all work is bespoke and tailored to what is needed. This work includes training in specific areas, increasing team cohesion after mergers, acquisitions or new management, during periods of intense pressure to maintain efficiency and productivity, rebuilding team identity after a downsizing operation, preparation for an upcoming project or improving performance and motivation during periods of fatigue.

Often during periods of change I see a lot of dysfunctional behaviour, as people tend to dislike and resist change. My coaching psychology approach helps people embrace change and help navigate them through any challenges they face. It is about creating cohesion with clear, respectful and co-ordinated communication. In situations of team conflict, the aim of my intervention is to minimise any negative impact on the business and to generate solutions for restoring harmony, motivation and productivity. I ensure the individuals concerned feel safe and supported enabling maximum engagement. We then develop a plan of action that focuses on effectively and efficiently resolving the issues.