Optimising Happiness Makes Good Business Sense

28 August 2022

There is a growing body of research from Psychologists and Economists that tells us we are most effective when we are utilising our strengths and experiencing high levels of engagement at work and socially. When the conditions are right we ‘flourish’ and our levels of well-being are high. We are at our most productive, effective and profitable. Therefore, it is beneficial to business, as well as general personal wellbeing, to work to increase both your individual happiness and that of your team members.

In addition to being beneficial for your productivity and effectiveness at work, being happy can change how others perceive you and result in greater success through your influence on those around you.

Employers can have a significant impact on their employee’s happiness, and as such impact on the effectiveness of an organisation overall. Because each individual will be more productive, creative and motivated if they are happier, it is in the interests of managers to maintain employee happiness as a goal.